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KBC MGMT is a selective talent management service designed to connect models, photographers, influencers, as well as artists of any kind with various work opportunities. Our mission is to eliminate the stigmas that follow the industry within our organization and build a community and team of talented individuals who support each other rather than tear others down.

Kay Brooks

After signing with a company that booked me all across the continental US I began to develop connections as a model, influencer and photographer that proved beneficial not only for myself but others around me as well. Realizing that I could not be in all places at once, I then birthed the idea of KBC management. This enabled me to employ all my connections that I had developed of the last year of traveling not only for my own benefit but for the benefit of others as well. We fast forward 2 years of undergoing repetitive trial and error and we found ourselves here, still growing, still developing, and still evolving. My goal is to form a community of creators who support not only each other but also myself.